Saturday, February 20, 2010

Breaking News

Just a quick update today.  If you'll notice at the top of the page, I have added a link for From Here to The Last Mound of DirtThis link will take you to all of the excerpts of the manuscript that have been posted up here so far.  As I continue to add them on the main page, they will also be added to this section of the blog.  So, if you have been having trouble following the riveting plot and timeless drama, you can easily remedy your problems.

I'll be putting up my thoughts on all of the NBA trades either tomorrow or Monday while I mull over the next music post that I will be putting up during the week. Front runners right now are Walkmen's "You and Me" and The Rolling Stones' "Sticky Fingers."  I am open to suggestions, so please post.  Any new albums?  That new Field Music album if I can get a hold on it.

Always new stuff to come. Just stay with me.

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