Thursday, February 18, 2010


I just learned how to put videos onto this blog.  Things are about to get a lot stupider and more basketball related on here.  Well maybe, not too much but only when I am tapped on energy to write up long entries and need to get something up here.

The NBA trade deadline came and went today with a few significant moves.  I am going to mull over what I think about the moves and also what I think about an OT classic that took place tonight between the Cavs and Nuggets.  However, I am busy doing some revision work on From Here to the Last Mound of Dirt and need to keep focused on that.  Soon I will put up another page on the blog where you can read all of the excerpts that have been posted so far - I'm getting better at this. Wait until I actually know what I'm doing.

 In any event, I was thinking about this Stella short recently.  My Damn Channel posted it up and they also put up Wainy Days for your reference.  I applied for a job there and got a phone interview.  They wanted me to have video editing skills.  All I  had was a thorough knowledge of The State (especially the sketch "Slinkys").  That almost got me in for an interview, but it did get me a "you're a cool dude," so at least that's something.

Check it out below.  This is what the sketches I am working on are going to be like, only better.

Until next time.

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