Thursday, April 29, 2010

Podcast of Myself Episode 8

Give me a hoo ha two times Thursday all my Puddlers out there. This is the podcast that I am sure many of you were dreading, but here it is nonetheless.  In this Episode 8 of the Podcast of Myself aka Puddles of My Podcast, I welcome budding stand-up comic, guitarist and lead singer for the Sanctuaries, the fifth Beastie Boy, Mr. David Aaron Stern (not to be confused with NBA Commissioner David Lawrence Stern).  In this episode, Mr. Stern and I (with the help of Producer Erik Gundel and Sanctuaries drummer Brian Indig) discuss A-Rod running across the pitcher's mound, baseball predictions, the deaths of Mark Linkous and Alex Chilton, the Sanctuaries, if there is a "Manhattan" sound, future ambitions and last but not least, The State.  Please put both seatbelts on for this one and because as Kate Bush says, you will be tuned to "some friendly voices talking about stupid things."

One more thing, there is a poll located on the sidebar of the blog now where you can vote for your favorite podcast.  Please place a vote so I can gauge where the conversations have gone right and wrong. Remember, it's anonymous. Thanks.

Your pal,

Matt "Puddles of Myself" Domino

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