Friday, May 7, 2010

Puddles of My Podcast - Episode 10

I promise you a podcast and I deliver you a podcast.  What can I tell you? When my Puddlers call, I gotta listen - no matter what time of night.  This is Episode 10 of the podcast formally known as Podcast of Myself, but now known as Puddles of My Podcast.  In this Episode 10, I welcome a very exhausted Jamie Ayers, lead singer of the band Snakes Say Hisss.  In this conversation, Jamie and I discuss the origin of Snakes Say Hisss, iTunes reviews, working the overnight shift, Alicia Keys, the Famous Class,  the upcoming Snakes Say Hiss album, the speed of the creative process, Donovan McNabb and Philadelphia sports, the new Future Islands album and bad apartments.

Tomorrow, er, later today, I will be posting a column I wrote for Brooklyn Exposed about a day in Cobble Hill that will not be published as originally intended, but which I want to share with you all anyway.

This is the place to be, so never feel bad. I'll see you later today.  Like Mr. Deeds says, "I'll bring the beers. I'll bring the beers."

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