Thursday, May 13, 2010

Puddles of My Podcast - Episode 12

It's Thursday, and all my Puddlers out there know that means that it is time for another episode of Puddles of My Podcast on the global media outlet known as Puddles of Myself. Coming off the heels of the award-winning Gilmore Girls Puddles of My Podcast, we have another classic installment here that will go down as a Top 10 podcast in the Puddles of Myself Vault - not to be confused with the Disney Vault.  In this Episode 12, I sit down with aspiring auteurs, Jenna Morse and Lee Fritz.  During our conversation, Lee, Jenna and I touch on such topics as, David Byrne, film school, acting aloof in order to gain employment at a coffee shop, ice cream trucks, the balance of work and creative aspirations, Jenna and Lee's respective projects and Season 3 of Mad Men. This is a fantastic entry into the podcast canon and I encourage you all to listen to it intently.

On another podcast note, Nick Mencia has pulled ahead of Erik Lilleby in episode downloads. The score now reads Mencia: 28 and Lilleby: 25.

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