Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Puddles of My Podcast - Episode 13

OK, so I know some of you Puddlers out there may be disappointed with my output so far this week. However, there has been a lot going on.  Good friends of mine were just married yesterday and so that turned into a long night; I have just gained employment at W Magazine; and the weekend ended up stretching a little further out into the week.  In addition, the free internet subscription over here has been suspect over the past few days. Anyway, there will still be two podcasts this week and the following columns that will be posted within the next week:

1. Review of Abbey Road
2. Link Post (shout out to funny links, etc.)
3. From Here to the Last Mound of Dirt installment
4. Top 20 Movie Sporting Figures of All-Time

But anyway, today, I post for your listening enjoyment, Episode 13 of Puddles of My Podcast.  In this installment, I welcome the eloquent and articulate Joe Tirabassi of the Darlings.  In our conversation, Joe and I discuss Baltimore sports, Curtis Mayfield's live output, the history of the Darlings, Edgar Allen Poe, the Strokes, the last Darlings album and their future plans, best albums to listen to on vinyl, as well as the changing nature of journalism as we move to new media.  This is an intimate conversation that I found very enjoyable and I think that you all should as well.

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