Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Puddles of My Podcast - Episode 15

Well my Puddlers, its Tuesday night and true to my word - with new job and all - here is the latest episode of Puddles of My Podcast.  In this Episode 15, I welcome a guest who has been mentioned several different times on the podcasts, one of the founding members/masterminds behind Famous Class and the man behind the skins in the band Boogie Boarder - it is Cyrus Lubin.  In this podcast Cyrus and I discuss the rambling formation of Famous Class, terrible college roommates, the stages of Boogie Boarder, how he met The Darlings, working with Damon Dash, the movie National Tresure, an unfinished bootleg of the Wolverine Movie and the Kinks. This is a podcast for the ages.  A highly enjoyable listen.

Thursday should bring my NBA podcast with Paul Sicilian, while you can look for another installment of From Here to the Last Mound of Dirt on Wednesday and possibly Friday if I don't finish my Top 20 Movie Athletes post in time.

Also, please vote on the podcast poll on the side for what kind of podcast you would most like to see next. I really listen to you all my Puddlers - I do.

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