Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Puddles of My Podcast - Episode 9

It may be a beautiful summer day outside, but there are always Puddles of Myself.  My Puddlers, we have the latest episode of the podcast formerly known as Podcast of Myself, but now know as Puddles of My Podcast.  We break a streak of clever pictures featuring me and my guests with this podcast because I forgot to take a new one with this week's guest when we recorded the podcast - my apologies to everyone.

In this Episode 9 of Puddles of My Podcast, I welcome Mr. Andrew Hage who is currently developing his own iPhone app and operating platform called Modus.  Hage and I discuss the New York Technology scene, FourSquare and Dodgeball, his company, how to deal with venture capitalists, digital ticketing, getting "Caught," as well as other sketch comedy catchphrases.  This is an extremely informative podcast on a pertinent topic, so my Puddlers, listen closely and as always enjoy.

Always new content, always the best.

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