Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Puddles of My Podcast Episode 19

Well, my Puddlers, its hot out and hopefully that thunderstorm is going to come and wash all our problems away and blow some kind of breeze in through our screened, un-airconditioned windows.  And if that thunderstorm doesn't come? Well, you can always slide in Puddles of My Podcast because we have a brand new one for you this evening/Thursday during the day when you're bored at work.  In this, Episode 19 on  Puddles of My Podcast, I welcome writer, retired political activist, and owner of the book store Book Thug Nation, Corey Eastwood to the program.  In this installment, Corey and I discuss the Hudson River Valley, Jack Kerouac, Ralph Nader, the organization of NYU, the East Village,  Tomas Bernhard, selling books on the street, opening your own book store, writing and what makes a piece of fiction good.  This is an action packed podcast that features a special guest as well as a special promotional offer that you would be a fool not to check out.  This is one highly enjoyable listening experience whether it is in the rain or in the snow.

I'll be back either tomorrow evening or Friday with some links and general thoughts for you all to check out.

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