Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Sanctuaries - "Queen's Gambit Declined"

Well everyone, as you know, I am still on my little mini-hiatus from regular posting, but like I mentioned here is one of the special features that is meant to fill in the absence of my beautiful writing voice on this blog.  This is the debut of the video for the Sanctuaries song "Queen's Gambit Declined."  I have covered the Sanctuaries on this website and an article I wrote about them should be appearing in Trashcan Magazine in the upcoming weeks.  "Queens Gambit Declined" is part of a single with "House of Noise," whose video will also appear on this blog in the upcoming weeks.

Without further ado, the video is below or you can view it here. Check the Sanctuaries MySpace or follow David Stern on Facebook (this guy posts legit status updates) for more information about upcoming shows and band related information.

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