Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Free Forest City Redemption Project Video Bonanza!

Like I told you all, we are emptying the Puddles of Myself video vaults this week for your viewing enjoyment before the holidays.  Tomorrow, I will be posting what could be considered Puddles of Myself "Home Videos" so stay tuned for that. Also, please be sure to follow me on Twitter in order to get the most late breaking news as well as be able to vote on possible future columns and posts for the blog.

Today, the video output is connected with the Puddles of Myself - Free Forest City Redemption Project. I know that we have been slightly quiet on this front for the past few weeks, but the final tracks for the release are receiving a final mix and we will begin releasing the tracks up on the blog in the weeks leading up to Christmas, because nothing says Christmas like a country band that called it quits before their time and should have been heard and appreciated by many more (although, those of us that listened appreciated them to the full extent - I think at least).

The below videos are from the final Forest City show, which took place on October 29, 2010 at the Brooklyn Rod and Gun Club. Please enjoy them at your leisure.

1.  Nick Mencia playing "Cold, Cold Heart" to warm up the crowd:

2. Forest City playing "I'm The Man Who Plays the Music For You":

3. Forest City covering Tony Wain and the Payne's "Country Music Star":

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