Monday, December 6, 2010

My Top Ten Albums of 2010

Good evening, my Puddlers. It’s a cold evening and I have been reading about Jonathan Franzen and getting inspired to be a better writer than him so I’m going to take my talents to the manuscript of From Here to the Last Mound of Dirt this evening instead of providing you with one of my trademark lengthy posts.

Instead, in the spirit of the end of the year, I am going to give you a list of My Top Ten Albums of 2010.  Now, you can consult my list from last year in order to understand my criteria for the albums of the year.  They basically consist of any album from any year that helped to define 2010 for me in some way.  It may not be helpful in terms of helping a person decide what to buy or ask for for Christmas or to determine what the actual “best” album of 2010 was, but I liked these albums, damnit, and that deserves some credence in any person’s mind.

So, without further ado or explanation on how I came to this decision, here are My Top Ten Albums of 2010.  I hope you either buy or illegally download these albums somewhere and have some of the heart-stopping revelations about the soul, life, love, and death that I have had this year. Obviously, you can’t top my number, but you can try to come close – and the trying is what really matters.

10. Transference – Spoon (2010)

9. Keep Me Comin’ Jesse Ed Davis (1973)

8. Hounds of Love – Kate Bush (1985)

7. Have One on Me – Joanna Newsom (2010)

6. Watertown – Frank Sinatra (1970)

5. Born in the USA – Bruce Springsteen (1984)

4. Destroyer of the Void – Blitzen Trapper (2010)

3. Teen Dream – Beach House (2010)

2. Veedon Fleece – Van Morrison (1973)

1. Lisbon – The Walkmen (2010)

There you have it – My Top Ten Albums of 2010. Let the arguing and slapping of my back begin.

Tomorrow, Mr. Alex Ramsdell graces the blog with his prose presence.

Stay warm, my Puddlers.

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