Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Free Forest City Redemption Project Day 3: Long Haulers

Good morning, my Puddlers. We are in Day 3 of the Free Forest City Redemption Project.  Today I am giving you the track "Long Haulers" from the album Forest City.  This happens to be one of my particular favorites based on my perception of the lyrics.  Take a listen and decide for yourself.

If anybody is confused by the Band Camp site, you can download the tracks without purchasing them.  Just enter in "$0.00" for the amount when the site prompts you.  You can donate money if you want to, but certainly download them so you can carry them around and feel invincible amongst the losers on the subway.

Oh, and all of these live photos are courtesy of B. Haus.

Enjoy, "Long Haulers."

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