Thursday, February 24, 2011

Free Forest City Redemption Project Day 4: The Beginning

Day 4 of the Free Forest City Redemption Project.  Today brings the fourth track on the album Forest City, which is entitled "The Beginning."  You can download it here.

I just want to give a mention to Mike McCaffrey who recorded a bunch of these tracks. I don't have his website or any of his other recording archives so if someone wants to send a link my way, I would be glad to let the world know.

I also wand to give due to Andras Pokorny, who recorded and did mixing work on these tracks as well. Andras does a lot of cool stuff and you can get access to it by going to Dark Comedy Hour. I highly recommend browsing around on there.

Again, these live images at the Brooklyn Rod and Gun Club are from B. Haus.

Enjoy, "The Beginning."

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