Friday, February 25, 2011

Free Forest City Redemption Project Day 5: Run Rivers

It's Friday, my Puddlers, and we are on Day 5 of the Free Forest City Redemption Project.  We'll keep moving along with track five of the album Forest City, which is the song "Run Rivers." For some reason I think it fits Friday and this rainy day. Not really sure why.  In any case, I've put an image of Thomas Wolfe's novel Of Time and the River up as an image to represent the track.  You can dissect it or downplay it as much as you like.

In other news, this time off has me thinking of a lot of good little posts. I came up with an especially good idea for a review of McCartney when I was walking around in the mist last night and then in the rain this morning, stepping in Puddles of Myself all the while.

Enjoy, "Run Rivers."

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