Monday, February 28, 2011

Free Forest City Redemption Project Day 6: Six Sad Oceans

Welcome back from the weekend, my Puddlers. We got some terrific weather this weekend, some great basketball games on Sunday as well as the Oscars.  Now, a lot of people will be talking about the Oscars today, but I just want to make it clear that James Franco's hosting duties at the Oscars were basically what I would have done if I were asked to host any kind of event that was deemed important (i.e. smirking like a smart ass and stiffly acting/reacting to things that happen in front of you).  Franco's performance was frankly Stellaesque, as mainstream as Stella will ever get, so I call it a huge victory for the world of comedy. Long live the 2011 Oscars! Free copies of The Kings Speech on Blu-Ray for everybody!

Back to business. We are now on Day 6 of the Free Forest City Redemption Project, which gives us the track "Six Sad Oceans" from the album Forest City. It seems like we are continuing on a sort of water theme here, hmmm.  Anyway, the stats for people listening to the album have been great, but I do encourage all of you to download the tracks and enjoy them on your iPod or whatever other apparatus you like to carry around—remember, the tracks are all FREE unless you decide to donate.

So, please enjoy "Six Sad Oceans."


  1. this is my favorite forest city song

  2. It's a good one for sure, Anonymous. We're entering a nice stretch run here.