Friday, February 18, 2011

Kid Video

I was running in McCarren Park this morning and thinking about how great the weather was.  Then, when I got home and felt refreshed from the physical activity, I read about the new, small Cezanne exhibit that is taking place at MOMA over the next few months. After I read that, I thought about much I love Cezanne's work and how much it means to me.  Then, I found out that Radiohead had pushed up the release of their new album King of Limbs and since I hate Radiohead so much I decided that I needed to do something to combat their release and take away from it.

When you add my love of the warm weather, Cezanne, physical activity and hatred of Radiohead and the need to steal the spotlight from them, what do you get? You get the emptying of the Puddles of Myself Video Vault!

Here are a few videos from last summer taken on Thatch Meadow Farm in Head of the Harbor on Long Island.  It was a hot day, there was no wind, so we drank beer and floated on my friend's hobi-cat.  Those days are coming again soon.

Stay tuned for Mark Jack's post later today.

1. Rooftop ride down to the waterfront on the farm:

2. Jon approaches the hobi-cat in the water:

3. A swimming dog is lifted uncomfortably onto the hobi-cat trampoline while people drink Budweiser:

4. Erik makes the pass under the hobi-cat.

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