Thursday, March 3, 2011

Free Forest City Redemption Project Day 9: Two Marbles

We are on Day 9 of the Free Forest Redemption Project.  Today's track marks the beginning of the stretch run for the actual album itself, which is eleven tracks long. I will also be posting three bonus tracks for you to download and enjoy as well. Today's track is "Two Marbles." It has nothing to do with the Japanese baseball player (Isuro Tanaka from Major League II fame due to his quote "You ain't got no marbles!") that you see above, but I thought we could diversity some of the headline pictures. In any case, this song revs us up for the end of the album and features some Byrds/Beatles '65-era guitar work from Ted Robinson towards the end of the track.  See for yourself.

Enjoy "Two Marbles."

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