Monday, March 7, 2011

Free Forest City Redemption Project Day 11: Whiter Than A Ghost

Welcome back from the weekend, my Puddlers.  I imagine those of you in the New York area were splashing in Puddles of Yourself all day long yesterday, much like I was.

Today we continue on with the Free Forest City Redemption Project.  We are on Day 11, which is the track entitled "Whiter Than A Ghost."  This track closes out the album proper on what some would say is a poignant but warm and intimate note.  You should take a listen and see for yourself.

The next three days will feature bonus tracks (some of which are live) and then on Friday, I will post a link to download the entire album in a zip file. I still encourage you to download tracks from the Band Camp site, but please do what thou wilt.

Enjoy, "Whiter Than A Ghost."

(Today's photo credit of T. Mencia)

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