Friday, March 11, 2011

Free Forest City Redemption Project Day 15: The Full Monty/Download

Well, my Puddlers, we have finally reached the end of the Free Forest City Redemption Project. It is unfortunate that this final day coincides with this terrifying tsunami that is taking place in the Pacific, but we have to press on with this post.

I have had a lot of fun posting up all these tracks and I truly hope you all have enjoyed listening to them.  This whole project may have seemed like an overly enthusiastic and sanctimonious undertaking solely directed at a close friend of mine (which in fact it was) and his band, but I hope that you were all able to look past that to enjoy the music, perhaps draw up some curiosity in yourself towards country music and to think about yourself, your own friends and your own creative undertakings and how they should not be taken for granted—how they should be regarded and understood like any other strange object that crosses our path in this world.

I'll be back next week with more posts and more updates.  However, today, pay attention to the tsunami, remember to enjoy your own weekends and listen to Forest City in its entirety (I even dragged the cover art into the iTunes slot for cover art for each track; this is official.)

Forest City in its entirety (including bonus tracks).

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