Monday, January 30, 2012

Dr. Kerri Scales Loves Your E-mail

Dr. Kerri Scales will be back with another edition of the Relationship Room on Wednesday, so now is the time for you send her questions.

For the past two weeks, Dr. Kerri Scales has already wowed the Puddles of Myself faithful with her honest, articulate and hilarious responses to relationship and love-esque questions. And she's getting ready to answer more this week, so, if you have that burning question related to the opposite or same sex, please send her a line. 

As we have mentioned before, Dr. Scales is a professional of the highest esteem. Sure, she loves watching "Whitney" every Thursday night and has been known to eat upwards of fifty Buffalo wings in a sitting, but those things don't make her any less professional in her field. And, yes, she puts the "pro" in "professional."

So, instead of holding in your feelings, send them to Dr. Kerri Scales. You will not be disappointed.

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