Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Puddles of My Podcast - Season 2, Episode 1: Holidays

Everyone's favorite feature returns as Matt Domino brings back a revamped and reformatted Puddles of My Podcast for a second season.

Hello, my Puddlers. I hope you are enjoying your week and not letting the unfortunate sporting events of this past weekend get you down too much.

Today it is my pleasure to bring back one of the best and most fun things that I have ever done and that is the Puddles of My Podcast. If you are new to the blog, first, I feel sorry for you and, second, the Puddles of My Podcast is a podcast I did about two years ago where I had conversations with different friends of mine and discussed their dreams, aesthetic aspirations and basic shortcomings. Let me tell you, a lot of my friends had a lot of shortcomings and, man, was it entertaining to hear them reveal them all in a sensitive and sentimental manner while drinking beer.

After awhile, it became apparent that I couldn't just interview all my friends—sooner or later the material would run out. So, I holed up in my "office." I started thinking of new formats for the podcast. Would I make a strong effort to contact PR firms in order to get access to celebrities? Would I come up with characters and bring back the podcast using those characters as a vehicle for prolonged entertainment? In the end, I decided that the best way to avoid repeating myself and falling into the same trap as the First Season of Puddles of My Podcast was to just have TWO of my friends join me on the podcast every week and instead of pretending to be serious or acting like we actually cared about each other, we would make banter and jokes for about an hour while discussing our "top five" choices of a certain, mundane topic.

So, each week, Erik Gundel (@EPGundel) and David Stern (@davidaaronstern, @sanctuariesnyc) will be joining me to discuss mundane topics. We kick off this new, Second Season of Puddles of My Podcast, with a conversation dissecting each of our top five holidays. I hope you will enjoy it. You can listen below or download here.

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