Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Puddles of My Podcast - Season 2, Episode 2: Vegetables

Puddles of My Podcast returns this week with the second episode of Season Two, wherein Erik Gundel (@EPGundel) and David Stern (@davidaaronstern) discuss their favorite vegetables with Matt Domino.

Good afternoon, my Puddlers. Puddles of My Podcast is back for another week of action packed conversation filled with a lot of great jokes and also a lot of terrible jokes. The one thing you can definitively say about this podcast is that it was recorded and that I was 70% less hungover while it was recorded than I was the week  before. Although, my depression from Nadal's loss to Djokovic in the Australian Open Final was very palpable.

Anyway, you can enjoy this new episode of Puddles of My Podcast below, or you can easily download it here.

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