Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Relationship Room with Dr. Scales

Dr. Scales (@KerriLScales) returns with another Wednesday look into the Relationship Room.

*Editor's Note: Dr. Scales welcomes questions from people of all walks of life and love. You can send your questions to her whenever you like. As she is a member of the medical profession, she honors, with the utmost respect, the doctor-patient confidentiality agreement. And she's a hell of a gal besides.

Hey folks! Welcome back to another exciting edition of ‘The Room’ (no, not that “[The] Room”) with your favorite doctor, me.

My apologies in advance, but I’ve got to keep this one short and sweet because one of my highly confidential clients is coming in for an emergency visit…let’s just say someone named Tim Tardashian 911’d my beeper with a suspected case of something we in the medical field call the “hebetic flu.”

Dear Dr. Scales,

Today I write to you with what I am calling ‘The Gay Dilemma: Role dominance in a homosexual partnership.’ Who opens the door? Who pays for dinner? Who calls the other one first after a first date? Who pops the question? Who's the girl in the relationship?


The Gender Bender from Ohio

Whoo-whee I’m more excited to dive into this one than Michael Phelps after stumbling upon an inner city swim meet! Believe it or not, I put more thought into what flavor of chips I wanted for breakfast this morning as this one is a no brainer. Say it with me now, g-e-n-d-e-r e-q-u-a-l-i-t-y. Whether you’re male, female, straight, narrow, tall, short, gay or bi, you should never let your gender dictate the role you take on in a relationship.

I hate to get repetitive in my second crack at this, but allow me to reference my previous post when I say that relationships are a two way street. Just because you put an X in the box marked ‘male’ does not mean you are responsible for opening every door, paying for every meal, making every phone call, or asking all of the important questions. And just because you regularly shop in the Barbie aisle doesn’t mean you need to sit back and wait for every door to be opened, the first phone call to be made, every bill to be paid, and every question to be asked.

Bottom line: Leave the games on the playground and do what comes natural to you because at the end of the day, who the fuck cares?

As always, my door is open. Well not really my door, but my e-mail in-box. And when I say that I mean you can e-mail me with questions that I will try my best to answer when I am not busy with needy patients like Tim.

Dr Scales: I eat chips for lunch, chips for breakfast and usually have a salad for dinner.

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