Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chuck Vegás Makes Video Choices

New Puddles of Myself contributor, Chuck Vegás, debuts his new weekly feature, "Chuck Vegás Makes Video Choices." Prepare to be disturbed every Thursday!

When it comes to YouTube, I usually go for cat videos, dog videos, combination cat/dog videos, sleepy polar bear cubs, penguin dilemmas, or foxes jumping on trampolines.  Once in a while, I stumble upon such an incredible combination of aesthetic elements that I am jarred by an experience of the sublime: as Kant might say, I am fearful without being afraid.  The piece "For Chris" represents a sublime experience: from the contrast between music and image, the terrifying undulations of green, to the transition from the uncanny to the human when the subject takes off his mask.  I cannot help but think that Kant himself would be pleased.

- Chuck Vegás, 16 February 2012

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