Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Send Your Love to Dr. Scales

Even though it's Valentine's Day, you can still take a break to e-mail Dr. Kerri Scales with some of your questions and or heartbreak. She does well with both!

Happy Valentine's Day, my Puddlers. My wish today is that each of you are out there finding love, enjoying love and hopefully enjoying a non-crappy meal at a non-crappy restaurant filled with stimulating conversation (and booze) with your significant other. And if you are alone...well, who cares. You can fall in love or enjoy love any day of the year, so kick back with a few beers, don't cry and keep on living the best way you know how. Or, you can listen to "Nothing Compares 2 U." Either way, you do you.

Dr. Kerri Scales will be joining us with a special column tomorrow, but that does not mean you shouldn't keep sending her your e-mail questions and experiences. If you send in your question by midnight on Sunday, you could wind up reading the Doctor's advice to your very own question next Wednesday on this site. Isn't the internet/life amazing?

As I have mentioned before, Dr. Kerri Scales is a professional who is held in the highest esteem. Sure she is known to DVR "16 And Pregnant" from time to time and then watch it while eating an entire bowl of guacamole by herself, but she is human and she knows the human condition; especially those conditions wrapped up in and around the word "love."

So today, whether you are loving, crying or drinking, keep yourself together, enjoy the moment for its goodness or shittiness and please make sure to "CC" Dr. Kerri Scales on all your feelings.

Send the Doctor your questions now!

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