Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chuck Vegás Makes Video Choices - Vegetable Suicide

To celebrate the beginning of March Madness, Chuck Vegás ups the ante and chooses his two favorite videos of the week.

In an age such as ours - an age characterized by the few who have and the many who have not - we are continuously confronted with the question of the value of a life.  This is especially true for the lives of vegetables.  This week we have two very different takes on vegetable suicide: one in which the individual decides to take his life out of honor while the other depicts a group of individuals who take their lives out of fear of a seemingly desperate future.  We are left wondering: is suicide the only freely chosen act and the truest expression of vegetable freedom?  Or, as Kant might suggest, is the act of suicide inherently immoral and contradicts the logical structure of the categorical imperative because it treats the individual as a means to an end rather than an end-in-itself?  You be the judge.   

*Editor's note: If you enjoyed these video choices, you should listen to this Puddles of My Podcast episode.

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