Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Puddles of My Podcast - Season 2, Episode 3: Movie Kids

 The Second Season of Puddles of My Podcast returns from a slight break with a new episode where Matt Domino, Erik Gundel (@EPGundel), and David Stern (@davidaaronstern, @sanctuariesnyc) discuss their Top Five Movie Kids.

Good morning, my Puddlers. It's been about two months, but the Second Season of Puddles of My Podcast finally continues on. 

Just when Erik Gundel, David Stern and I thought that we had ironed our schedules out to sit down and have another one of our terrific conversations about our five favorite "somethings," David unexpectedly had to cancel, leaving just myself and Erik Gundel to talk about our Top Five Movie Kids. Well, that is until an unexpected guest arrived at my studio/apartment and joined the discussion. 

Just listen for yourself below or feel free to download the entire file here.

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