Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Puddles of My Mad Men: At the Codfish Ball

Matt Domino provides a link to his weekly "Mad Men" recap at the Montreal Review.

I was initially going to put up a touching image from "At the Codfish Ball." It was going to be an image of Don kissing Sally Draper's head at the American Cancer Society banquet that the Draper-Calvet family attended with special guest Roger Sterling. Instead, I chose to put up an image of the Calvet women, Meghan and Marie. For any of you 90's-nerd or hot women-nerds out there, Marie Calvet was instantly recognizable as an aging-very-well Julia Ormond who starred in such sizzling, early-mid 1990's films such as a remake of Sabrina and Legends of the Fall (aka one of the longest feeling movies of all-time). And of course you have Meghan and her cleavage, which looked fantastic in the entire banquet scene (sorry to all the women viewers out there, but I think you have to give credit where credit is due).

In full disclosure, Julia Ormond was always one of my favorite babes from the 90's. Now, you wouldn't exactly call her the textbook definition of a babe (she had more of that distinguished, eternally 30-32 beauty that I found appealing at 10-12 and still find appealing to this very day), but any Pamela Anderson worshipping, John Elway and Michael Jordan cheering, red-blooded American man had to admit she was sexy. Now, unfortunately Marie Calvet came to the low point of pleasuring Roger Sterling in the back room of the banquet hall just to get back at her cheating husband, but we can't blame ol' Julia for jumping at  the opportunity to take the role of the conflicted Mrs. Calvet.

I really enjoyed "At the Codfish Ball"; it was a good moment to catch your breath as a viewer after the back-to-back difficulty of "Signal 30" and "Far Away Places". And it was also a fantastic showcase for Sally Draper the character and Kiernan Shipka the actress. The amount of emotion that Shipka was able to convey in both the complex scenes with Don where he both his proud to see her grow up and nervous, as well as the absolute tour-de-force of "growing up" that was the "fish-tasting moment", was truly impressive. What a gem of a young actress and what a gem of an episode.

As always, you can find my Montreal Review recap here.

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