Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Puddles of My Mad Men: "Christmas Waltz"

After today, there are only three more content-filling posts for Matt Domino's Mad Men recaps at the Montreal Review.

We are getting to the end of the Mad Men season, my Puddlers. That means that our summers will be filled with nothing but emptiness—that is until Breaking Bad Season 5A starts! So basically your summer will only be empty for about three weeks or so, which, considering this economy, isn't so bad.

What the end of Mad Men season also means is that you will no longer be forced to click on these posts that then take you to the wonderful Montreal Review where you are then forced to read my Mad Men reviews. I know, its going to be such a relief for you. In fact, it will be a relief for me as well. As much as I love writing about Mad Men, I like watching it without having to make notes and tax my magnificent brain to come up with fantastic theories about what the show means.

There are only three episodes left in the Fifth Season and I really have no idea where we are heading. Don's "re-commitment" to work as well as the Jaguar campaign are going to be prominent. I expect that the next episode picks up right around New Year's with the Jaguar pitch either just past or looming. I'm not sure Weiner feels the need to show Don in another "big pitch" situation. We have already seen him at the top of his game with Kodak and at the bottom of his game with Life cereal. I think that action now only needs to remain off screen. The big points to be addressed are whether or not the Ginsberg "conflict" comes to a head this season or next; whether or not Don and Megan make it out of this season in "one piece" as a married couple (and that includes the Joan/Don hook-up subplot); if Roger makes it out of the season alive (still not a certainty); if Pete makes it out of the season alive (looking more like a certainty); how Peggy will truly make her mark on this season; and what cultural event/chronological endpoint the season will be wrapped around. Remember, we are heading into 1967, how do you think Weiner will address Sgt. Pepper's and the Summer of Love? Where approximately are we going to be teed up for Season 6?

We have plenty of questions to ask, plenty of theories to ponder and plenty of minor actions and postures between people to interpret. And that's just where you want to be when there are only three episodes left in a Mad Men season. Ah, I love this shit.

And stay tuned to the blog next week for some announcements as well as some new, long metaphysical posts from me.

Now, as always, here is the link to my Mad Men recap at the Montreal Review.

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