Friday, June 1, 2012

Puddles of My Mad Men: The Other Woman

 Mourning, briefly, Memorial Day, Matt Domino brings his weekly Mad Men recap link to the public.

Hello, my Puddlers, and welcome to Friday.

I've been in a deep post Memorial Day hangover all week, but the weather has been beautiful, the basketball has been excellent and intriguing and Morning Joe has just been KILLING it every morning.

I don't have too many other "bonus" thoughts on Mad Men this week: the episode pretty much spoke for itself. My two favorite moments remain the scene where Peggy walks out of the office and the moment when Ginsberg is watching Megan take Don out of the conference room and the idea for the Jaguar pitch hits him. I loved how each scene was shot and I just loved how real each scene felt. When I write fiction, I aspire to gain the same effect that those two moments had.

But, we have to keep moving on. We will be back in action next week and I will have two announcements for you all. Both are things you can enjoy and both are things that I hope will benefit Puddles of Myself and its visibility out in the world at large.

Other than that, in the coming weeks we will have new content from the Doctor, some Belmont/horse racing stuff, thoughts on Harry Nilsson, a post on the new Walkmen album, Heaven, a Girls first season rumination, hopefully some tennis writing on the French Open and of course more of Mr. Mark Jack, everyone's favorite West Coast savior.

The weather is beautiful. I've already been swimming in salt water. Thank you all for coming to this blog, continuing to read it and, by doing so, continuing to support myself and all the great writers and friends that have been contributing to expand the scope of what we are doing here. The world is large and full of perspectives, all that matters is delivering them with passion and without complaint.

As always, here is the link to my Montreal Review recap of the latest episode of Mad Men.

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