Friday, September 14, 2012

Pick Up

Listen to Matt Domino read a new short story.

Happy Friday, my Puddlers. As you know, last Friday we held a Puddles of Myself reading at the Book Thug Nation bookstore in Williamsburg. Each piece that was contributed and read was fantastic and the whole thing came together seamlessly. I may be biased since I organized it, but anyone who attended the event would say the exact same thing. So, if you missed it, I actually feel really terrible for you.

In order to further celebrate and acknowledge the contributions of each writer to the event, I am going to be posting the text from a few of  the pieces on the blog next week for your enjoyment and casual perusal. And, because I have a huge ego, today we are going to start with the piece that I read, which is a story entitled "Pick Up." 

As a change of pace, I recorded myself reading the story so that you can give your eyes a break and enjoy my beautiful prose and speaking voice while procrastinating at work, riding the subway, walking around on this beautiful day, or hiding out from the world in your apartment. In any circumstance, you end up a winner.

So, enjoy the weekend, my Puddlers, and enjoy my reading (after a couple Miller High Lifes) of  "Pick Up."


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