Free Forest City Redemption Project

This project, titled Puddles of Myself: Free Forest City Redemption Project, features tracks culled from various Forest City recording sessions over the past year.  

The tracks were posted individually over the course of February and March of 2011 for download or donation at the official Free Forest City Redemption Bandcamp Page. You can check the February and March archives at the blog to see specific blurbs that were posted with each track. You can read the introduction to the project here. You can also read Mark Jack's, the bassist for the band, thoughts by clicking here

You can also download the complete album in a ZIP file by clicking on this link

And you can also listen to the Forest City podcast, featuring Nick Mencia and Ted Robinson. This podcast was recorded in October 2010 and Nick and Ted explain the band and some of its songs.

As I've mentioned elsewhere, this was an extremely enjoyable project to undertake and be a part of and I thank everyone who helped out.  This music hopefully will mean something to you when you listen to it.