Puddles of My Podcast

I promised it and now you've got it.  This is the section of the blog for the Puddles of Myself Podcast aka Podcast of Myself aka Puddles of My Podcast.  Below, you will continue to find a series of conversations that I will be having with friends of mine, celebrities and other neighborhood personalities.  Enjoy.

Episode 27: Chandrahas Choudhury
November 17, 2010

In this Episode 27 of Puddles of My Podcast, Chandrahas and I discuss Walt Whitman, his novel Arzee the Dwarf, the enjoyment of autumn in Iowa,  the power of cities, the beauty of New York City, cricket,  Joseph O'Neill's Netherland, the process of writing, choosing stories for a fiction anthology, top five American novels and top five Indian writers and a variety of other subjects where I only sometimes make an ass of myself.  This is a very stimulating podcast and I recommend that you listen to it immediately.  I enjoyed this one very much. Download here.

Episode 26: NBA Podcast with Miles Debas and Paul Sicilian
November 8, 2010

In this, Episode 26 of Puddles of My Podcast, I welcome Miles Debas of Snakes Say Hiss and Paul Sicilian of the Tony Castles.  In this installment, Paul, Miles and I discuss the 2010-2011 Boston Celtics, Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals, and debate over the best storylines of the upcoming season. We also play a game of "thumbs up, thumbs down"; decide what movie you would take Kevin Durant too; and Paul and Miles each give us their all-time starting NBA starting lineup with some surprising results.  This podcast is not for those weak of heart, or not interested in the NBA.  Needless to say, I enjoyed this podcast very much and I recommend that you listen to it. Download here.

Episode 25: Forest City
October 28, 2010

In this, Episode 25 of Puddles of My Podcast, Nick, Ted and I all sit down to discuss the writing process and meaning behind six of the featured Forest City songs, the nature of Forest City as a band, the notion of wanting to fail, birthday parties, how to write a song, what both Nick and Ted learned from playing in Forest City as well as the most rewarding part of listening to a song.  This is a must listen podcast that I highly recommend.  Download here.

Episode 24: David Stern
October 6, 2010

The baseball playoffs are immediately upon us, so why not have a podcast completely devoted to baseball. In this, Episode 24 of Puddles of My Podcast, I welcome longtime friend and lead singer and guitarist for The Sanctuaries - David Stern.  In this installment, David and I predict the MLB Playoffs, the NL and AL MVPs, the NL and AL Cy Youngs, which team has the best color red, which Major League movie is the best, the concept of the "Reverse Major League Movie," the best characters and moments of the Major League movies, cursing in movies and also touch base with the current status of the Sanctuaries.  This is an hilarious podcast that I encourage all of you enjoy. Download here.

Episode 23: Dave Singley
August 20, 2010

This is Episode 23 of Puddles of My Podcast, this is the working man's podcast, where I welcome a married man, a man who likes to get things done - Dave Singley (don't let the name fool you folks, he's really married).  In this episode, Dave and I discuss vacation, money, Puerto Rico, the present, getting married, the future, his website, freelance work, possible art shows and staying motivated.  Dave also undergoes the Puddles of My Podcast Questionnaire aka the Proust/Mencia Questionnaire.  This is a humble podcast for those pure of heart. I hope you can enjoy it. Download here. 

Episode 22: Jonathan "Soma" Soma
August 13, 2010 

In this Episode 22 of Puddles of My Podcast I welcome an ultimate ideas man, a man of many interests and distractions and one of the founders of Brooklyn Brainery as well as Ice Cream Club,  Jonathan "Soma" Soma.  In this installment of the show Soma and I discuss the state of Virginia, Indian Food, the charms of New York, starting Brooklyn Brainery, the appeals of teaching, Ice Cream Club, the virtues of good tasting ice cream against experimental ice cream flavors, alternative rock music, collectivism in Brooklyn as well as touch on what is becoming the signature Puddles Questionnaire.  This is one of the more fascinating podcasts I have done and I enjoyed it very much.  Download here.

Episode 21: Ted Robinson
August 4, 2010

On the heels of the Tony Wain podcast I welcome in former member of Tony Wain and the Payne, Dig Shovel Dig and current member of D. Charles Spear and the Helix, Ramble Tamble and Forest City, Ted "Theodore" Robinson.  In this, Episode 21 of Puddles of My Podcast, Ted and I discuss scaring people, playing in Tony Wain and the Payne, singing country music, learning how to play music, living in Asheville, the music industry and advertising, what Ted looks for in a woman and what he hates about himself and the purpose of music in general.  This was an enlightening podcast and I hope you all enjoy it. Download here.

Episode 20: Tony Wain
July 26, 2010
In this, Episode 20 of Puddles of My Podcast, I welcome an extraordinarily special guest - legendary underground country crooner Tony Wain of Tony Wain and The Payne.  In this installment, Tony and I discuss Buddhist ceremonies, living in Asheville, the North Carolina/Duke rivalry, Thomas Wolfe, what makes a good country song, Tony's favorite country musicians, his history playing music, Dig Shovel Dig and some excellent words of wisdom for the children and adults suffering from arrested development in America today.  This podcast also features Nick Mencia sitting shotgun in case the wheel veers too far off to the shoulder. Download Here.

Episode 19: Corey Eastwood
July 21, 2010 

In this, Episode 19 on  Puddles of My Podcast, I welcome writer, retired political activist, and owner of the book store Book Thug Nation, Corey Eastwood to the program.  In this installment, Corey and I discuss the Hudson River Valley, Jack Kerouac, Ralph Nader, the organization of NYU, the East Village,  Tomas Bernhard, selling books on the street, opening your own book store, writing and what makes a piece of fiction good.  This is an action packed podcast that features a special guest as well as a special promotional offer that you would be a fool not to check out.  This is one highly enjoyable listening experience whether it is in the rain or in the snow. Download here.

Episode 18: Paul Sicilian
July 16, 2010 

In this Episode 18 of Puddles of My Podcast, I welcome basketball enthusiast as well as the bassist and singer of the Tony Castles, Paul Sicilian.  In this latest installment, Paul and I discuss LeBron's Decision, the NBA Finals,  playing the clarinet, Paul's musical history, the legacy of Dwyane Wade, the best Celtic of all-time, the genesis of the Tony Castles, their upcoming album and tour with the Tom Tom Club, and 2010 NBA Predictions.  This podcast was a few months in the making so please sit back with a cool glass of water or beer in front of a fan or air conditioner and feel cooled by the sound of two grown men talking about basketball and music. Download here.  

Episode 17: Lauren Gidwitz
June 29, 2010

In this, Episode 17 of Puddles of My Podcast, I welcome the artist, Chicago native and Lost fan, Lauren Gidwitz.  In this conversation, Ms. Gidwitz and I discuss growing up in Chicago during the Chicago Bulls' 1990's dynasty, her B.J. Armstrong poster, her influences as an artist, her love of the human anatomy and youthful desire to become a medical student, how to manipulate paint, Beiruit, why she chooses subjects for her painting, the Lost series finale and so much more. This podcast took about a month of planning to finally complete and is completely worth it.  I highly recommend listening to this podcast if you are of the mind to undertake any creative endeavour. Download here. 

Episode 16: Matt Domino
June 20, 2010 

In this Episode 16, Nick and I discuss theories on writing, the evolution of the pivot as a basketball move, Rajon Rondo, Game 7 predictions for the NBA Finals, what to do if you get the juice of a pickled pepper in your eye, Robinson Cano's MVP-worthy season, Nora Joyce and Zelda Fitzgerald, being a good human being, deciding between a redhead or a brunette, my top 5 albums, my favorite song, as well as the starting five for the All-Time NBA Team.  A bonus feature of this podcast is that you can also play the official Puddles of Myself - Who's Podcast is Longer: Nick Mencia or Matt Domino's Game, which is officially sponsored by Rookie Blue on ABC every Thursday at 9:00 PM EST.  As Larry Sanders said, this is a private and intimate conversation that should be enjoyed by me alone. I hope you all enjoy it. Download Here.

Episode 15: Cyrus Lubin
May 25, 2010

In this Episode 15, I welcome a guest who has been mentioned several different times on the podcasts, one of the founding members/masterminds behind Famous Class and the man behind the skins in the band Boogie Boarder - it is Cyrus Lubin.  In this podcast Cyrus and I discuss the rambling formation of Famous Class, terrible college roommates, the stages of Boogie Boarder, how he met The Darlings, working with Damon Dash, the movie National Tresure, an unfinished bootleg of the Wolverine Movie and the Kinks. This is a podcast for the ages.  A highly enjoyable listen. Download here. 

Episode 14: Chris Dannen
May 20, 2010

In Episode 14 of Puddles of My Podcast, I welcome the writer Chris Dannen to the program.  In our discussion, Chris and I stumble upon such topics as his life as a freelance writer, Notorious B.I.G. remixes, working with literary agents, attempting to have empathy for a computer, reading the letters and writing of Ulysses S. Grant, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, economical writing, his two novels and the nature of the technology world. A very surprising and terrific podcast.  This is an intimate experience that I recommend you listen to. Download here.

Episode 13: Joe Tirabassi
May 19, 2010

In this installment, I welcome the eloquent and articulate Joe Tirabassi of the Darlings.  In our conversation, Joe and I discuss Baltimore sports, Curtis Mayfield's live output, the history of the Darlings, Edgar Allen Poe, the Strokes, the last Darlings album and their future plans, best albums to listen to on vinyl, as well as the changing nature of journalism as we move to new media.  This is an intimate conversation that I found very enjoyable and I think that you all should as well. Download here.

Episode 12: Lee Fritz and Jenna Morse
May 13, 2010

In this Episode 12, I sit down with aspiring auteurs, Jenna Morse and Lee Fritz.  During our conversation, Lee, Jenna and I touch on such topics as, David Byrne, film school, acting aloof in order to gain employment at a coffee shop, ice cream trucks, the balance of work and creative aspirations, Jenna and Lee's respective projects and Season 3 of Mad Men. This is a fantastic entry into the podcast canon and I encourage you all to listen to it intently.  Download here.

Episode 11 aka Gilmore Girlcast: Erik Lilleby & Janelle Sing
May 11, 2010

In this episode, I welcome Erik Lilleby, master quipper, nihilist and late night coffee drinker and novel reader, as well as the multi-talented artist Janelle sing to discuss the classic WB dramedy known as Gilmore Girls.  Be advised, if you do not follow the show Gilmore Girls, you will definitely enjoy this because of the witty banter that is used in order to explain some of the intricacies of the show. For those that know the show, in this episode we discuss, Lane Kim, Emily Gilmore as the best character on the show, Rory's boyfriends, Luke or Christopher, Suki's rapid weight gain and loss, and the top 5 Gilmore Girls moments - plus, KIRK! Download here.

Episode 10: Jamie Ayers
May 6, 2010

In this Episode 10, I welcome a very exhausted Jamie Ayers, lead singer of the band Snakes Say Hisss.  In this conversation, Jamie and I discuss the origin of Snakes Say Hisss, iTunes reviews, working the overnight shift, Alicia Keys, the Famous Class,  the upcoming Snakes Say Hiss album, the speed of the creative process, Donovan McNabb and Philadelphia sports, the new Future Islands album and bad apartments.  Download here.

Episode 9: Andrew Hage
May 4, 2010

In this Episode 9 of Puddles of My Podcast, I welcome Mr. Andrew Hage who is currently developing his own iPhone app and operating platform called Modus.  Hage and I discuss the New York Technology scene, FourSquare and Dodgeball, his company, how to deal with venture capitalists, digital ticketing, getting "Caught," as well as other sketch comedy catchphrases. Download here.

Episode 8: David Stern
April 29, 2010

In this Episode 8 of the Podcast of Myself aka Puddles of My Podcast, I welcome budding stand-up comic, guitarist and lead singer for the Sanctuaries, the fifth Beastie Boy, Mr. David Aaron Stern (not to be confused with NBA Commissioner David Lawrence Stern).  In this episode, Mr. Stern and I (with the help of Producer Erik Gundel and Sanctuaries drummer Brian Indig) discuss A-Rod running across the pitcher's mound, baseball predictions, the deaths of Mark Linkous and Alex Chilton, the Sanctuaries, if there is a "Manhattan" sound, future ambitions and last but not least, The State. Download here.

Episode 7: Jon Ellowitz
April 27, 2010

Hello again all you Puddlers out there. In Episode 7 of the Podcast of Myself I welcome the Professor Jon Ellowitz.  In this episode, the Professor and I discuss Orthodox Jewish basketball players, Franz Kafka, the personal life of R.L. Stine, teaching methods, Simco Ball, the pleasure of baseball, and the history of the Dominican Republic. Now, can you get any more diverse than that? As always, strap yourself in and enjoy the power of the podcast of myself. Download here.

Episode 6: Nick Mencia
April 22, 2010

In this epic Episode 6 of Podcast of Myself, I welcome musical journeyman, hopeful entrepreneur and current lead singer of the band Forest City, Nick Mencia.  We are also joined by our Producer, as well as multi-instrumentalist for Motel Motel, Erik Gundel.  Over a near hour and a half, we discuss touring with Vampire Weekend, The Guess Who, Nick's musical career, the forthcoming Forest City album, the Yankee most like a country singer, who Tony Wayne is, the possibility of distributing live recordings, Ulysses, what makes a good country song, and division by division predications for the Major League Baseball season.  Strap yourself in a pour yourself a highball, turn up the thunder and lightning and take a listen to this podcast.  Parental discretion is advised.  Download here.

Episode 5: Eric Engel
April 20, 2010

In the fifth episode of the series, Podcast of Myself welcomes Eric Engel, the lead singer of the band Motel Motel. In this rambler, we dabble on such topics as Date Night, the radio station Z100, the history of Motel Motel, the benefits of playing live against the benefits of studio recording, Paul McCartney's Ram, and memorable U.S. presidents.  Dive in and make yourself at home. Parental discretion is advised. Download here.

Episode 4: Janelle Sing
April 15, 2010

In the fourth episode of the Podcast of Myself, I welcome Janelle Sing, a multimedia artist and also one of my oldest friends.  In this episode we bounce around topics such as Mrs. Krinsky's 2000-2001 first period English class,  the new Gorillaz album, the 12 paintings in 12 hours excercise, the importance of painting technique, her collaborations and current projects as well as the music of Beiruit. Download here.

Episode 3: Willie Miesmer
April 8, 2010

In the third episode of the Podcast of Myself, I welcome Willie Miesmer the guitarist for the band Tony Castles as well as a member of the band Boogie Boarder.  In this episode, we touch on such topics as Willie's experience playing in the Tony Castles and in Boogie Boarder, the South by Southwest Music Festival, Larry Johnson's Four Point Play, the movie the Runaways and Kristen Stewart, Joanna Newsom, and the book The Blue Star by Tony Earley.  Parental discretion is advised. Download here.

Episode 2: Miles Debas
April 7, 2010
In the second episode of the Podcast of Myself, I welcome guitarist, bassist, artist and "the man," Miles Debas.  During our conversation, we discuss his band, Snakes Say Hiss, Beach House, NBA jerseys, obscure 70's folk artists, the Taliban and the nature of viewing art. Download here.

Episode 1: Erik Lilleby
April 4, 2010

In this inaugural episode, I welcome my childhood friend Erik Lilleby onto the show.  In our conversation, we test the waters on such topics as the Dalai Lama, Baby Mama, The Walkmen, prostitutes, the NHL and the Dick Cavett Show.  Parental discretion is advised. Download here.